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What is Rhapsody?
Rhapsody is a membership-based music service that gives you unlimited access to a catalog of over 3 million full length, CD-quality tracks. Listen whenever you want, get personalized music suggestions tailored to your musical tastes, and take your music with you wherever you go.  Get-Rhapsody.com is offering a 14 Free Trial of Rhapsody.


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The #1 Rated Digital Music Service

Rhapsody   The #1 Rated Digital Music Service

Why pay $0.99 per download when you can have unlimited access to more than 3 million songs anytime, anywhere?

Rhapsody-To-Go supports portable devices so you can take your music with you when you're mobile. With 100+ ad-free radio stations and 1000.s of music videos it's easy to see why Rhapsody is the #1 digital music service on the net.

Free Access to over 3,000,000 songs.
ALL your favorite artists.
Ad Free Radio. No DJ's. No Commercials.
Hear the entire song at CD quality, not just a 30 seconds. Works on Any Browser
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Full Length Videos
100% Legal
Cheaper than iTunes & Napster


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Don't just take our word for it. Rhapsody has garnered praise and prizes from all over the industry.
CNET Review A ton of new features, including Rhapsody To Go and full jukebox functionality, gives this elegant subscription service some fresh and very powerful legs  read the review

PC MAGAZINE A good service that just got better, Rhapsody adds a killer new feature to let you keep your Janus-compatible MP3 player stuffed with tunes for a monthly fee equivalent to the price of a single CD.

Billboard 2004 Digital Entertainment Award

MP3.com Rhapsody now offers the best of both worlds ...Rhapsody wins again.

The Washington Post "...Rhapsody, however, worked amazingly well. I kept having these how did you know I'd like that?? moments ...that's undeniably gutsy, creative programming."   read the review


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  Unlimited Digital Music Streaming  
  Lowest Download Cost Per Song      
  No Ownership Restrictions      
  Highest Quality Streaming and
  Download Rate
  FREE Play list Sharing    
  Personalized Recommendations      
  Ad-free Radio Stations
  Customizable Radio Stations  
  Transfer to 100+ Portable Players  
  Free 14-days Trial    
  Trial Includes 5 FREE songs   download/burn    

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